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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hello My Pretties

Well gonna see if I can figure this far am not getting the add images..I don't like hard that is why I have always used aol..everything was too easy the way I like sure I will figure it out sooner or later...we will see..LOL


Chris said...

Hi Terry Ann, Lord I'm so lost. D said view my Dashboard...haha..I did and it looks like Chinese. Oy. Hope I catch on to this. Love ya!

D said...

gotcha trying to catch up

Linda said...

glad to see you here! Linda

Emmi said...

I'm finding all my favorite friends over here today. =)

It' Me ~Katie! said...

Happy to see so many wonderful talented friendly faces over here.
Thanks for the link.
Take care,

Chrissie said...

I feel the same way. Glad you'll be sharing your tags still.
Take care, Chrissie (Nay)

Miss Slick One said...

Hi hunny! Thanks for the comment. Feel free to Follow Me :)

Sharon said...

Well, well, my pretty. This is a fine howdy-ya-do huh? We'll survive this move! At least we're all together!

Indigo said...

Hi Sweetie, I think the more we use this format the easier it will least I'm hoping (winks)...hang in there, I think a good share of the J-land community is going to be around to help and offer support. (Hugs)Indigo

Tracy said...

i dont like this :( im sooooo confused. but glad i can still follow you. hugs tracy

There is only 1 Today! said...

Well I can not even find my own journal! lol Use to be much easier than AOL. Too funny! I think I remember how to download photos. We will see. They may have changed it?? Still trying to figure out photos. It wants to use my old blog but yet I can not find it! Ugh! Love you, Mom I hate these pass words, never can read them!

Missie said...

A new experince for all of us!

Carolina said...

honey im gonna need help with this-so please dont loose going thru so much and cant read mail so will need help later with all this. John still in coma and looks like Im gonna have to make decisions-please keep prayers going. love ya

sheri said...

I'm sure you will do fine. Starting to look good already.

Joyce said...

It is looking good over here and coming along nicely...and yes it takes time! Have a great week!
Hugs and love,

Janie said...

Directions for adding playlist.
Go to your playlist. Make sure you saved it. After you save it you can click the link that says rearrange. Very easy to move where you want your songs. It will have arrow up and arrow down on the left side. Click if you want up or down. Then click save. It will tell you that it has been saved.

You are going to have to look very close to find these links. Trail and error is how you will do it. lol

Click the link that says download to my space, blog, or web page.
Click where it says get the file.
It will be written in hotmail (hot mail is written very different) lol
When you see file inside a box
Put your cruiser (mouse) line at the beginning of the file
Click at the top of your Internet page: Edit, then Select all
Click at the top of your Internet page: Edit, then Copy
Leave page open and go to your journal. SIGN IN TO YOUR JOURNAL
At the right hand side at the top is will say CUSTIMIZE... Click it.
A page will come up and you will see the layout of your journal.
It will be a big box with other boxes inside it.
Click Gadget.... a different page will pop up and give you different items to put on your journal.
Click the + where it says add playlist to your page.
Another page will pop up.
Give your playlist a name on the Title or name of songlist
After that In the large square space.... put cruiser on the beginning inside the box and right click and choose paste OR put cruiser inside big box... then click Edit left side of tool bar and say paste (easier but sometimes it will not give me the option to paste.
Then click save. There should be a link there to view where it went on your journal.
If it is not where you want it on your journal, you can put it where ever you want it on your journal. It should be in one of the little squares and say Playlist.
To move where you want it: Put mouse on the playlist square... left click and continue to press left side of mouse and you can move it up and down to where you want it.
I put mine at the top of my journal so they can stop the song if they don't like it. Sometimes the playlist is at the bottom of the page and I didn't want anyone to have to scroll to the end of my journal just to stop the playlist. I looked at your journal just now and your play list will be on the left side. Good luck. Love you, Mom

Lucy said...

If you do let me know. Lucy

Lucy said...

Hey my favorite girl that did my sons picture on my blog, How the heck can I get photobucket pictures mon my blog? Please please help me???

Lainey Laine said...

I lost ya for a while - phew Ive found you again. Laine xx

Lucy said...

I can't get anything that is supposed to move, to move but for me that is not unusuaL. lol Lucy

Carolina said...

As always you do some awesome stuff! Hope you have a great Halloween! Hugs and Love-Carolina

Maria said...

Hi! Keep it will catch on've already gotten very creative with the background. I"m liking this blogger thing. I love that Halloween on with the two elfish figures....nice job. Can't wait to see more from you! One day I would love to do PSP like you and D does....but for now I'm taking photos and playing the church handbells...which I love! Maria

Lisa said...

I really love how you've decorated. :o) Realy glad that I found you. :o)
Many hugs to you xoxoxoxo

MISSY said...

Stopping in to wish you a Merry Christmas! *M*



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