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Sunday, March 1, 2009


Yep it has been awhile..I have been so super busy it is unreal. I took over a Girl Scout troop my daughter was in...and it is the first time for me to be a leader. I have had my days filled with cookie sales and getting cookies for all the is almost over...keeping fingures crossed that all turns out okay with every thing.

I am now back in my groups and here is another new tag I made today..if you would like one tagged leave the name or names you would well as an email to get it to you. Hope you all have a great weekend..I think I am going to take a nap soon..hugs! TerryAnn



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I am a mother of 3. I am enjoy creating graphics for web and email use...and make scraps in my spare time...I will share some of them if time ever allows..most are just for personal use. I have RA and here lately it has been a pain in the pun intended..LOL..I will be sharing graphics, tags and headers...some will be can ask for a name or heading on and some will just be snag as they are...sometimes it takes me a minute to get your order to you since I maybe having a flare up..If you followed from AOL...I am sorry to say but I don't have the energy to save the journal or transfer it over...I will contact you if I have your order or when I upload it to fotki..Thank you to all who followed me over and to all my newbies..looking forward to getting to know you all!